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Water purification is a sophisticated science that is rapidly evolving. There are roughly five categories of water contamination. They are:

  • Sediment and suspended matter that is often visible and increases turbidity.
  • Dissolved mineral salts such as non-harmful calcium carbonate to more harmful nitrates, lead, barium, and arsenic.
  • Volatile organics or VOCs include paint thinners, industrial solvents, PCBs, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Biological contaminates include pathogens which are disease causing bacteria. The presence of chloroform bacteria is a general indication that your water is unsafe to drink.
  • Radiological contamination can occur in Michigan primarily through the presence of radon gas.

Each of these contaminants require different approaches with different technologies. Gordon Water applies state-of-the-art technologies to produce highly purified water that is safe, clean and delicious.

Tested and Licensed – Gordon Water is licensed by the State of Michigan. Michigan has adopted some of the most stringent regulations in the country in order to protect you and the bottled water industry from unethical bottlers. By law, we test our water daily, weekly and annually. Our daily tests include over-all quality, purity and sanitation. Our weekly test includes an independent laboratory analysis. Our annual test includes a comprehensive test of over 200 parameters administered and documented by a EPA certified lab. In addition, some of our customers are large laboratories with sophisticated equipment. They test our water regularly for quality and standards testing for their own laboratory use. We meet those very high standards year after year.