Point of Use Cooler

Point of use systems are also known as bottle-less systems. It looks like a traditional bottle cooler without the bottle. We carry an excellent line of bottle-less systems that we install to your existing water lines. We can monitor this system for you and periodically service it to ensure quality. Unlike many other companies, we have low cost systems with no long term contracts.

The advantage of point of use style coolers is that they are the most green way of providing clean drinking water for your office, warehouse or manufacturing floor.  There are no bottles to be delivered, stored or lifted.  Plus you may save money over bottled water service.

Countertop Point of Use Cooler

Standard Capacity Point of Use Cooler

Large Capacity Point of Use Cooler

Point of Use  Filtration

When it comes to filtration for your point of use cooler, we give you options.  The base model is an excellent multilayered carbon filter called AlwaysFresh®.  It will reduce chlorine and lead plus it will improve the taste of the water.  The better option is the Kinetico RO (A-200).  It will also address lead and chlorine plus it will reduce a large amount of other contaminants providing your office with high purity water.  Reverse Osmosis systems may also need pretreatment depending on the water chemistry of the incoming water.  We will be able to test the water in your office to provide you with options.

Due to piping connections and the variety of systems, we look forward to visiting your office to determine the best system for your needs.