Bottled Water Delivery for Home and Work

Bottled Water Delivery Service

We have provided Home Bottled Water Delivery & Bottled Water Delivery Service for businesses throughout west Michigan since 1986. We not only provide high quality bottled water delivery but also have the convenience and cost savings available to customers when they pick up their bottled water at any of our convenient locations in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Portage. We are licensed & inspected by the US FDA. We do daily, weekly and annual testing to assure that our products are of the highest quality.


Bottled Water Dispensers

Our water cooler dispensers are available in Room & Cold or Hot & Cold configurations. The room temperature is ideal for cooking while the cold water is refreshing to drink. The Hot & Cold cooler has the benefit of an instant hot water dispenser in that it is ideal for teas, instant soups, hot cereals etc… Our water cooler dispensers accept either our 3 or 5 gallon bottles. We also offer lower cost dispensers: Spigots & Cradles or Crocks & Stands. We also offer Bottle-less Coolers or POU style coolers as well that utilize their own filters.

Bottled Water

We provide 3 different bottled water options for drinking: High Purity Reverse Osmosis Water (Blue Cap), Mineral Enhanced Water (think Desani) (Green Cap) and Fluoride Added Water (White Cap). All 3 waters are available for delivery as well as pick up at any of our locations in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Portage.

De-Ionized Water (red cap) is also available in 5 gallon bottles for delivery or pick up. “DI” water is used in commercial and industrial applications like “Chain of Custody” cleaning, battery water for large industrial batteries (forklifts) and other special applications. It is not for drinking.


Save with Bottled Water Pickup and Our Bottled Water Club

You can save money by picking up your bottles of water at one of our conveniently located office locations. Just drop off your empty bottles and pickup the full ones you need. You can also join our Bottled Water Club and get your punch card, which offers 1 FREE bottle for every 10 purchased. Just another way Gordon Water systems shows our appreciation for our valued customers.

To see what our process includes to make your bottled water please click Bottled Water Process

Our Specialists

Tamara Carter

Water & Coffee Specialist

Serving the Greater Kalamazoo

(269) 217-3587

Robin Bartells

Water & Coffee Specialist

Serving Grand Rapids to the Lakeshore

(616) 293-1297

Manny Rosa

Water & Coffee Specialist

Serving the Greater Grand Rapids Area

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