Drinking Water

Drinking Water Delivery

We believe having refreshing clean drinking water available for your family should be an essential part of every home. Unfortunately, not every neighborhood or family is lucky enough to have good tasting tap water that they can trust is clean and free of chemicals.

We have provided bottled drinking water delivery service for homes throughout west Michigan since 1986. It’s a service we’re proud to offer to families that value high quality drinking water. We also offer a cost saving alternative to our delivery service by offering bottled drinking water and supplies at our four office locations. You can save money by picking up your own water, just another type of convenience offered by Gordon Water Systems!

Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s no secret that life can get busy and often times our health and hydration is neglected. By having a water dispenser in your home you will always have fast easy access to pure and cold drinking water that you look forward to drinking in between errands dropping the kids off at their next practice, game, or school event. Your entire family will benefit from the convenience of having a water dispenser in your home. This is your chance to make everyone happy and healthy! We encourage you to contact us today to start experiencing the benefits of having bottled drinking water in your home!