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Kalamazoo Hydrant Flushing

If you have city water and in particular Kalamazoo City water Spring is the time of year to get slugs of rusty water coming into your home.  This happens because the city flushes the hydrants to make sure the hydrants all work and to flush stagnant water our of underground pipes.  It is during and after the hydrants in your neighborhood are flushed that all kinds of rust and sludge can get stirred up in the pipes and then into your home.  A water softener will not remove that color from your water.  We recommend that when you see the color coming into your home that you run a cold water tap closest to the water meter until the color is cleared up.  It may take minutes or even an hour but it will clear up.  What may happen is that you may need to change your water softener prefilter as it stopped a bunch of the crud from coming into your home and you may want to change the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System filters as well just to make sure you have fresh, clean filtration for your home and family.

The Kalamazoo City Water Hydrant flushing schedule is below