Service Area - Rockford

Service Area Information

Rockford, Michigan is located about 30 minutes to the NNE from Grand Rapids. The White Pine Trail runs through the downtown area of Rockford, next to the Rogue River and past the Rockford Dam. The downtown area hosts a summer farmer’s market on Saturday. The city hosts a Fall Harvest Festival as well as a WinterFest. Mountain biking is nearby at Luten Trail, Merrell Loop as well as the Cannonsburg Ski Area and Cannonsburg State Game Area. Wolverine World Wide is headquartered in Rockford making Rockford an epicenter of shoe design.

City of Rockford
7 South Monroe St.
Rockford, MI

For Service in Rockford Call: (616)866-3416

Rockford Area Water Problems

  • Chlorine (city water)
  • Hard water (city and well water)
  • Rotten egg smell (well water)
  • Rust staining (well water)

Factors affecting water quality

  • Agricultural pesticides and herbicides
  • If a water tower is present
  • New home construction
  • Changing water table
  • Proximity to rivers, lakes or wetlands

Products Provided

  • Bottled water service
  • Water softeners
  • Rust and Odor filters
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Coffee service

Town Information: View Here
Population Served: 5,719
Source Type: Municipal well water (city), Private well water


Rockford Area Water Solution Examples

  • We provided a Rockford City water customer a Non-Electric Kinetico combination water softener/chlorine reduction system and reverse osmosis drinking water system.
  • A Rockford Area well water customer enjoys their Non-Electric Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system plus Hellenbrand rust and odor filter.

Home Effects

  • Hardness buildup and white staining on fixtures
  • Rust stains on fixtures
  • Rotten egg smell, especially early in the day and in the shower
  • Shorter water using appliance life
  • Excess use of cleaning chemicals

Effects on Body/Skin

  • Dry itchy skin
  • Dry, heavy, tangly hair
  • Excess use of shampoo and soap

Client Testimonials

We bought our first Kinetico water softener in 1982 for our home on Bostwick Lake in Rockford. We went 32 years without any problems whatsoever! We upgraded to a new Premier Kinetico water softener in 2014. I recommend them to everyone. John - Rockford
Their service rep was excellent. He was clearly knowledgeable about our system, made a quick repair, and then did a complete analysis of the system. I appreciated that he took the time to explain how the system works and the various things that home owners need to be aware of to ensure the best experience. Well done! Brian H. - Rockford