There are two areas that we at Gordon Water Systems are excited to be participate in with regards to sustainability:

  • Internal; meaning what we as a company do, as standard policy for Reduce/ReUse/Recycling, lower energy usage and lower water usage.
  • External; meaning what our products do to add to the sustainability of the communities in which we work (nearly 13 counties in west Michigan.)


We actively recycle in multiple areas within our facilities.  We have recycling waste baskets for paper & plastic products that are used in the office activities.  All corrugated cardboard is recycled as well.  We also recycle over 99% of our 3 & 5 gallon bottles used in our bottled water division.  Our recycling coupled with the investments we have made in our lighting for both warehouse and office space help us to be environmentally aware and involved.


Get excited!  As a Gordon Water Systems customer you are impacting the earth in a positive way!  Read below:

  • We look at the life of our bottled water containers (3 & 5 gallon bottles) that have a life cycle range of 4-8 years. When compared to single use bottles, that we as a society of convenience utilize in copious amounts, we have found that 1 five gallon bottle can be equal to as many as 15,000 ½ liter sport bottles.  And we recycle over 99% of our bottles which is a much much higher percentage than single use bottles in regards to recycling.  Check a public waste basket next time you walk past one and see how many plastic bottles make it to the trash versus recycling.  So when we add up our bottled water produced in a year and it equates to nearly 10 million ½ liter, single use bottles, that’s Right 10 MILLION, that is an amazing environmental impact on our community here in west Michigan!!!
  • Our drinking water systems including our Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems and carbon filters are the most environmentally sensitive systems for drinking water. If we add on the impact of better health with better drinking water and all those customers that have those systems from us, we are removing nearly another 10 Million ½ litre bottles from landfills per year here in west Michigan.  That’s one business impacting the local environment by helping keep up to the equivalent of 20 Million ½ litre sport bottles out of landfills!
  • Water Softeners; Not sexy but they sure do have an impact on the environment and here is how:
    • Lower energy usage to heat the water in your home or business by 20-30%.
    • Extend the life of all water using appliances (your appliances don’t end up in landfills as quickly)
    • Far less chemical usage needed to clean your home. Think dishwasher soap, laundry soap, fabric softener, shampoo & hair care products, bar soap, sink & tub cleaners are all cut down by 40, 50 up to 70%, or even not needed at all!!

All this adds up to the fact that a water softener is the only appliance that saves you more money than it costs AND it saves the environment with lower energy bills and far less chemicals dumped into the sewer systems whether public or private sewers. Click here to learn more.