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Why Choose Gordon Water System For Your Home Water System

With over five decades of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise required to bring you the best home water systems. With solutions to suit all lifestyles, whether you are looking at a Kinetico reverse osmosis system, softening water, or even removing chlorine or PFAS or other contaminants, we have you covered at Gordon Water Systems.

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Water Softeners

If you notice these effects of hard water, our Water Specialists can help you choose the best option of a water treatment system for your home with a free water test.

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

We’re here to reverse the narrative. At Gordon Water Systems, we offer a quality-approved water filtration system called the Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Water System.

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Rust & Odor Filter

Gordon Water in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Rockford, and Portage carries solutions from both Kinetico and Hellenbrand Iron Filters, with the Hellenbrand Storm leading the way in its iron and water odor removal.

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Gordy Care Plan

We will keep your equipment running smoothly with regularly scheduled maintenance and checkups. You will receive discounts on salt and filters to ensure your water quality meets your expectations.

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Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitor

With the new Kinex Salt Monitor, you get automatic notifications when it’s time to add salt, and you can check the status at any time. No more guessing!

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Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Systems take care of the most resilient water problems throughout your entire West Michigan home.

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We teamed with Pace Analytical Laboratories to complete the EPA Drinking Water Test for PFAS.

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Salt Delivery

Since 1973, Gordon Water provides home water softener salt delivery throughout West Michigan. Why choose a separate salt provider when you can have home salt delivery PLUS an optional water softener pre-filter change at the same time?

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High Alkaline Water Cartridge

If you desire high purity, high alkaline water, this is your answer.

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Social Distance Free Water Testing

If you are trying to limit your contact with others, and still would like assistance with your water treatment needs, Gordon Water can help!

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Chlorine & Fluoride Reduction

For whole-house chlorine reduction, a home water treatment system is the answer. For showers, hand washing, and all the water in your home this is the way to remove chlorine from your city water supply.

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Antiviral Air Filter

Look no further than the experts from Gordon Water of Grand Rapids for Indoor Air Quality and its importance in our lives.

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Saltless Water Systems

Saltless water solutions come in several forms, and luckily for you, here at Gordon Water systems we carry two of the more reliable and high-quality saltless water systems.

Family owned water treatment and bottled water delivery serving West Michigan for 50 years. We proudly serve over 13 counties in West Michigan and have four convenient office locations located in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Portage, and Rockford.


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