Water Softener Option in Michigan


How Do I Know If I Need Home Water Softener?

  1. You notice buildup on your faucets.
  2. Your skin and hair are dry.
  3. The color of your clothes fades quickly.
  4. You notice white spots on your glassware and utensils after washing.

If you notice these effects of hard water, our Water Specialists can help you choose the best option of a water treatment system for your home with a free water test.


We all use water for a huge variety of different tasks throughout the day, but many of us rarely stop to ask ourselves whether or not the water we are using is doing us and our property any good. And one thing that lots of people overlook is the hardness of their local water supply- until they experience limed-up kettles and appliances.

Do You Need a New Water Softener Equipment Supplier in Your Area?

The water supplied to many homes is ‘hard’ in that the water contains components such as calcium and magnesium from sedimentary rocks such as limestone, chalk and sandstone. While hard water is not dangerous to your health, over time it can cause some costly problems within your home. When left untreated, limescale can build up and damage your plumbing and your appliances. By working with a local water softener supplier such as Gordon Water, you will be able to soften the water you use, which will bring many important benefits for you, your family, and your property. Softer water for washing means softer skin and hair, with hydration significantly improving from day one when you switch to using water Softener. The same effect can be observed on your clothes, which will feel softer and cleaner when they’re washed in soft rather than hard water. Furthermore, soft water is easier on your plumbing and appliances, so you’ll have less scaling and other similar problems in the future, making your life considerably easier and saving you vast sums of money in the long term.

Discover How You Could Benefit from a Water Softener in Grand Rapids, MI!

Living in the Grand Rapids area, you will have experienced the effects of using and consuming hard water. The dry hair and skin, the build-up of harsh minerals in your appliances, the costly energy bills, and more. It’s time you say goodbye to these inconveniences by installing a water softener in Grand Rapids, MI. Grand Rapids residents have been benefiting from our services for decades and there has never been a better time for you to join them. Hard water is not damaging for occasional use, but over time, the effects are real, expensive, and can limit your lifestyle. But with Gordon Water Systems by your side, you can breathe life back into your home by simply installing a water softener system in Grand Rapids.

The Most Trusted Supplier of Water Softener Equipment

Once you have decided to invest in water softening in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, etc, you will need to find the right water softening equipment supplier. At Gordon Water, as a leading water softener company in Michigan, we have been supplying water filtration and softening solutions to people across the West Michigan region for almost fifty years. Since we were founded in 1973, we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the area’s leading specialists in the field. Our team of professionals select only the very best products and equipment available on the market to sell to our customers, and we can help with everything from advising you on your initial purchase to professional installation and ongoing maintenance and support. Plus, the highly reputable Kinetico water softener products we sell are all protected by industry-leading warranties including a 10-year parts warranty on the Premier product line. This means, we are the water softening supplier that will give you a total peace of mind that your new investment will not only function well from day one, but will also stand the test of time for many years to come.

How a Water Softener Company Can Make Your Water Better

Although rainwater is naturally soft, the geological composition of our area means that the water becomes hard through the addition of calcium and magnesium ions. A water softener company can install a water softener that removes these minerals through a process known as ion exchange. The hard water moves through resin beads in a pressure vessel where the calcium and magnesium are replaced by sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions are then removed in a regeneration cycle so that only soft water is left.

The type of water softening company & water softener you need will largely depend on what’s in your water and how much water you use and how quickly you need it. Some systems use a single cylinder and an electric timer so that regeneration takes place at set intervals. Although this is usually at night, it does mean that soft water isn’t being produced while the regeneration takes place and can also result in salt and water being unnecessarily wasted.

A better choice might be a dual-cylinder system where one cylinder is regenerated only when cleaning is necessary. This means that salt and water wastage is avoided, thereby saving money, and that the other cylinder can continue to supply soft water. As a specialist water softening company, Gordon Water can assess your needs and recommend the that’s exactly right for you. Their recommendation will not only soften your water but also filter out contaminants that pose a threat to your health. The outcome will be better health, a longer life for your pipes and appliances, cleaner clothes, hair and skin, and a reduction in your energy bills.

Get in Touch to Find Out More About Water Softener in Michigan

If you are interested in learning more about any of our products or services, feel free to get in touch with Gordon Water, the water softener supplier in Michigan. We can be contacted via telephone or email, or you can opt instead to drop by and visit us in person at one of our local offices if you prefer. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and offer you any assistance you require when it comes to choosing the right water softener or water filtration system for your home needs.

Our Brands

Gordon Water Systems is proud to provide high-quality water to our most valued customers of Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Rockford, and Portage West Michigan. Discover what makes Kinetico and Hellenbrand the best home water softener brands below.



The Kinetico Water Softener System product line has been extraordinarily engineered since 1970. Kinetico’s non-electric control valve with twin softening tank design lasts decades and continues to stand out from industry efficiencies and warranties. Kinetico’s water system design provides soft water 24/7/365. Headquartered in Ohio, Kinetico manufactures, assembles, and tests its equipment right at its headquarters.

feature image

Premier Series

Ideal for homes with the most challenging water conditions. These high-flow systems are comprised of multiple tanks.

feature image

Signature Series

If you’re not facing a difficult water problem but want your water to be better, the Signature Series system is for you.


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Hellenbrand Single ProMate

Hellenbrand’s Promate Series of home water softeners have features that significantly improve its performance over other single-tank electric softeners.

feature image

Hellenbrand H-100U

Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your family’s changing water-usage patterns. Powerful, user-friendly, and reliable electronics.

The H-100U looks like many other pieces of equipment but Gordon Water is the only company that carriers the H-100 with an up-flow option. This feature saves water and salt and does a better job of cleaning.

Our Price Match Guarantee!

If you choose an electric-control valve water softener option, we will match the price provided by a different water treatment company for the same piece of equipment.* All we need is a picture or copy of the written proposal.

*Our Performance Guarantee may not apply if the equipment selected is not in line with the recommendation from our Water Specialist.


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