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The best way to ensure that all of the water supply in your home is free from impurities, harsh minerals and excess chemicals is by installing a whole house water filter system. When you filter your water as it enters your house, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you are using only the purest water for your drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning and more.

West Michigan residents choose their leading water system company Gordon Waters for their home water filtration system and for good reason. With top quality products alongside fantastic customer service, few companies compare. Founded in 1973, we have nearly five decades of knowledge and experience that we utilize to provide a solution that works for you.

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Optimize Your Living Environment with a Whole House Water Filter


When you live in a hard water area such as West Michigan, you are exposed to more impurities than soft or filtered water. In small quantities, you will not notice a difference but over time you may experience some effects such as scale building up in your appliances, your skin and hair feeling dull and your work surfaces seeming lifeless. With the use of a water filter for the whole house, you can say goodbye to all of these. Choose one of our filtration systems and benefit from:

Lower energy bills

Installing a whole house water filter in your home is a guaranteed way to reduce your energy bills for several reasons. Your pipes will have less build-up ensuring a better flow of water and less pressure on your existing system. Less temperature is also needed to eliminate excess minerals and chemicals from the water enabling you to clean effectively, even in cold water.

A brighter home

Have you noticed that your work surfaces don’t seem to shine like they once did, and your clothes are a little duller than before? These are the effects of hard water. By choosing one of our whole house water filtration systems you can breathe life back into your home.

Longer lasting appliances

When you cook, wash and clean with purified water, you are minimizing the build-up of scale and other minerals in your appliances, adding years to their lifespans. It also ensures that you will experience less damage along the way, saving you from costly repairs.

… and much, more!

Bringing You the Best Whole House Water Filter on the Market

When it comes to water filtration systems, we care about quality and results. Listening to your needs, we provide you with the best whole house water filter for you. Offering long warranties on both parts and labor, you can rest assured that you are covered for years to come. Just imagine having a constant stream of high purity water for drinking, cooking, showering and more. At Gordon Water Systems, we make this your reality. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to chat to one of our water experts today! We look forward to speaking with you soon. Other than water filtration system, we also offer whole house reverse osmosis system and Kinetico water softener.

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Why a Whole House Water Filter in Michigan is Necessary

Whatever the source of your water, it can contain a number of impurities that can be harmful to your health. Well water and untreated rural supplies are particularly challenging because they can be affected by the runoff of pesticides from the land along with local bacteria and minerals that occur naturally. Although municipal water is treated and has to meet Environmental Protection Agency standards, it can still contain impurities and chemicals you don’t want to ingest, such as chlorine and fluoride that are added during the treatment of the water, which a whole house water filter in Michigan can address. Contamination in rural and well water may be obvious due to its cloudiness, smell and taste. Small levels of contamination may not be obvious and, although they may not cause immediate harm, they can adversely affect your health if you’re exposed to them regularly over a long period. A total water filter will overcome the problem. Although pitcher filters and countertop or under sink filters can help, they only provide relatively smallquantities of purified water for drinking or at one particular place compared to a filter water for the whole house. However, since contaminants can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled as well as being ingested, it’s far better and more effective to filter water for the whole house. A whole house system provides pure water for drinking and cooking, for showers and baths, and to wash clothes, cutlery and crockery. A whole house system can also soften your water as well as purify it, you’ll avoid limescale that clogs your pipes and your appliances, so you’ll save money on replacements, repairs and energy costs when using a total water filter. If you want water that smells and tastes great, cleans more efficiently, doesn’t harm your health and saves you money, a home water system is the only practical option. Get in touch and we can advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective option to meet your needs. Installing a whole house system is something you won’t regret so get started today.

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